The World's Richest Person Auditions His Five Children to Run LVMH, the Luxury Empire

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PARIS—Once a month, Bernard Arnault gathers his children for lunch inside a private dining room at the headquarters of LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE, his globe-spanning luxury goods company.

The meal, which lasts exactly 90 minutes, begins with the French billionaire reading aloud discussion topics he has prepared on his iPad, according to people close to him. Mr. Arnault then goes around the table, asking each of his five adult children for advice. He’ll seek an opinion on specific managers at the company, the people said, or whether it’s time for a shake-up at one of LVMH’s myriad brands, which stretch from the champagne vineyards of France to handbag-making workshops in Italy and Texas.

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