Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
The city's privacy policy.

On a municipal website, we use advertising companies as a third party to display advertisements, and when you visit our website, these companies have the right to use information about your visits to them (except name, address, email address or phone number) in order to provide advertisements about the goods and services of interest to you through the DART cookie.

First of all, we at Baladi are happy to visit us and confirm that all the names and marks mentioned on the site are registered trademarks of their owners, and all existing links are from the websites of the publishers of these links.

You can also send your questions and inquiries via our contact form and we will receive them every hour.

In Baladi, the privacy of our visitors is of great importance to us. The privacy policy in this document represents the outlines of the types of personal information we collect and how it is used by us and our advertisers.

Login files:
Like most other site servers, it is possible to use the access file system. This includes IP (addresses, browser type, ISP (ISPs), date/time, and number of clicks to analyze trends and manage the site.

Here we do not mean to collect all this information voyeurism on the personal matters of visitors but are analytical matters for the purposes of improving quality, in addition to that all the information stored by us is completely confidential, and remains within the scope of the development and improvement of our site only.
Cookies and network counters:
Baladi does not use the technology of cookies to store information about the preferences of visitors, but uses a special record of the user registering specific information about the pages that have been accessed or visited, by this step we know the extent of the interests of visitors and any of the topics preferred by them so that we can develop our appropriate knowledge content for them.

In addition, some of the companies that advertise with us and which are third parties in the privacy policy may view the cookies and network counters of our site, including Google AdSense, the first advertising company on our site.

Of course, such declared companies are informed of such data and statistics through internet protocols for the purposes of improving the quality of their ads and measuring their effectiveness, and under the agreements concluded with us they are entitled to use technical means such as (Quakers, network meters, and special software codes "JavaScript" for the same purposes mentioned above, which is to develop the advertising content of these companies and measure the effectiveness of these ads, without any other objectives that may harm or otherwise harm users on the network.
We therefore reiterate the importance:
1. Google Adsense is a company advertised in our site and is a third party in the privacy policy and uses cookies to improve the quality of ads and measure their effectiveness, as this company and under the agreements concluded with us are entitled to use technical means such as (quakes, network meters, and special software codes "Java Script" for the same male purposes above

2. Google uses the DART cookie to improve the advertising service according to certain criteria related to visitors such as visiting this site or other sites.
3. Users can unuse opt out-DART cookies through this page:

You should review the third-party privacy policy in this document (the advertising companies "Google AdSense") or the ad network servers for more information about their different practices and activities.

To review Google AdSense's privacy policy, please see the link:

In my personal country does not provide any important or non-important information to third party advertising servers, or advertising networks without your consent or no longer what you need when displaying their ads on our site and you can often choose to accept or not accept your browser options.