Gunman identified in Florida Publix shooting as Timothy J. Wall

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Police have identified the man who opened fire inside a Florida Publix supermarket on Thursday morning, leaving a grandmother and her toddler grandson dead.

Timothy J. Wall, 55, was named as the suspect in the terrifying shooting at the Royal Palm Beach grocery store inside The Crossroads complex, CBS Miami reported.

Wall, of Royal Palm Beach, died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound during the mayhem, according to WPLG.

The Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office said late Thursday that there was no known motive or relationship between the shooter and the victims.

The agency said it would not name either the woman or the tot, who would have turned 2 years old this month, since the family invoked a Florida law allowing crime victims and their families to withhold their names from public reports.

Detectives on Thursday afternoon were speaking to witnesses and reviewing surveillance footage as they tried to piece together what led up to the attack.

A motive for Timothy J. Wall is not yet known.
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One shopper detailed the terrifying moment the gunman opened fire, recalling how he heard shots and employees screaming near the produce aisle.

“I heard, ‘They’re shooting!’ A woman Publix worker said, ‘Run! Shooting!’” Juan Guardia told the Palm Beach Post.

“I was scared. It’s sad because everything happened fast. Everyone was running. Some employees were crying.”

Customer Ron Glassman said he had just parked in the shopping plaza, and was headed to another store when about 50 customers came running out of the Publix, yelling,

“There’s a shooter, there’s a shooter! Don’t go in there!”

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