Egyptian soprano Farrah el-Dibany wins Arab Woman of the Year award

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Egyptian international mezzo-soprano Farrah el-Dibany received the Arab Woman of the Year award for 2024 at a ceremony held in the British capital, London, due to her work in cultural exchange.

Dibany was nominated among many others for this award, and was chosen by the Board of Trustees of the London Arabia Organization for this year’s award.

Prominent Arab figures have also received this award before, such as Majda al-Roumi, and others, but Dibany is the first Egyptian to to receive this award this year.

She expressed her gratitude and thanks to the organization for their support to Arab women.

The awards ceremony was attended by prominent British and Arab figures such as Nusrat Ghani, British Secretary of State for Business and Trade, Baria Alameddine, international Lebanese journalist, Sheikh Fawaz Al-Khalifa, Dean of the Council of Arab Ambassadors in London, the Egyptian Ambassador to London Sherif Kamel, and many Arab princesses from Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

The day after the ceremony, Dibany gave a speech and was a speaker at one of the sessions of the first session of the Arab Women’s Summit in London, which was also organized by the London Arabia Organization, and was held at Lancaster House.

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