Biden’s dog Major bit Secret Service members 8 days in row, emails show

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WASHINGTON — President Biden’s German shepherd Major attacked many more people than the White House has disclosed, according to newly released emails.

The documents indicate that Major bit members of the Secret Service eight days in a row in early March — though only one such incident was publicly acknowledged.

At least one White House visitor also was bitten in early March, according to the emails, which were released Thursday by the conservative transparency group Judicial Watch, which slammed the “cover-up” of the incidents.

“We’re sure Major is a good dog but these records show he was involved in many more biting incidents than the Biden White House has publicly acknowledged,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “It is disturbing to see a White House cover-up of numerous injuries to Secret Service and White House personnel by the Bidens’ family pet.”

Major and Biden’s elderly and since-deceased dog Champ were whisked back to Delaware around March 9 for what the White House claimed was a prearranged visit with family friends.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki described just one biting incident at a March 9 briefing, saying that one day earlier, “the first family’s younger dog, Major, was surprised by an unfamiliar person and reacted in a way that resulted in a minor injury to the individual.”

Psaki said the return trip to Delaware “had been previously planned already for the dogs to be cared for by family friends in Delaware during Dr. Biden’s travels to military bases this week. She has a three-day trip this week.”

But emails among Secret Service employees indicated the dogs were returned to Delaware to due to a spree of attacks.

Only one of Major's eight biting incidents was publicly acknowledged by the White House.
Only one of Major’s eight biting incidents was publicly acknowledged by the White House.
AP Photo/Evan Vucci

The three-year-old Major’s misbehavior began in late February when he was with Secret Service agents at Biden’s home in Wilmington, Del.

According to an email sent on Monday March 1, “This weekend in Wilmington, there were 3 minor incidents where Major nipped/ brushed up and nudged Shift SAs.”

Secret Service agents were warned in an email how to protect themselves. “Panicking or running with only embolden animals so stand your ground and protect your hands/fingers by placing them in your pockets or behind your back,” the advisory said.

But for the following week, attacks continued.

A Secret Service employee whose name was redacted emailed three colleagues on March 8: “At the current rate an Agent or Officer has been bitten every day this week (3/1-3/8) causing damage to attire or bruising/punctures to the skin.”

The president’s dogs arrived at the White House in late January and traveled back and forth to Delaware multiple times before the biting incidents became common.

Major seen on the South Lawn of the White House on January 24, 2021.
Major seen on the South Lawn of the White House on January 24, 2021.
Adam Schultz/White House/Handout via REUTERS

On Monday March 1, an agent “was bit by Major at the Lake House in Wilmington, DE. That bite caused some bruising as seen in the picture,” the email said.

Not all of the bites are described in the emails. The next incident documented by the records happened on Thursday, March 4, when a Secret Service agent was bitten. Their injuries were not described in the emails.

On Friday March 5, a White House visitor was bitten. The bite “[d]id break the skin,” according to an email. “Pass holder walked out of [redacted] and dog made b-line to him. Got his arm twice. A group was standing there at time,” a message said.

On Saturday March 6, “Major attempted to bite [a Secret Service agent] this evening. He didn’t make contact with agent’s skin, but did bite a hole through his overcoat.”

On Monday March 8, an agent “was bit by Major on t the White House. That bite caused bruising and puncture to the skin as seen in the picture.”

On March 9 an agency member noted in an email, “Family Pets are back in Del., if you hadn’t seen the headlines.”

The images of injuries weren’t publicly released, but the emails indicated that it was understood among the Secret Service that the dogs were sent back to Delaware in early March because of the biting incidents and not for a pre-planned visit with family friends.

“Were the dogs sent home because of the biting?” a Secret Service employee asked in one email. A colleague whose ID also was redacted replied, “Pretty positive.”

“The family will use a trainer they have used previously,” according to a March 8 email.

Major Biden went on to bite a member of the National Park Service on the White House lawn in late March, after which he reportedly received more training. Any subsequent incidents have not been reported.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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